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First, a few words about our name. We are not promoting the idea that we are a bunch of super-geniuses with bigger brains than everyone else. Instead, we're promoting the idea that everyone is capable of genius at certain times and under the right circumstances. We're here to provide the information to help you be a real genius. We don't even think we can help you in all situations! Instead, we focus mostly on programming, an area where we as a group have quite a bit of experience.

How do we do this? By collecting and studying the topics we're dedicated to and distilling what we learn into high-quality information that will save you time, money, and countless bottles of aspirin.

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We were inspired by the movie "Real Genius" in which a bunch of engineering students learn an important lesson about responsibility and compassion. It's a great - and very funny - movie. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Links loves where they are making video remixes of great scientific quotes set to hip music. "We are all connected..."

Our old site,, is still available here. The domain name was retired after we were heavily spammed a few years ago. This site is/was dedicated to handy programmer resources and we still get occasional requests for the material there. Incidentally, the color scheme on this site changes based on time-of-day.

The current site, like the old one, is run entirely by bears.

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